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Robbie Bargh

Speaker Profile

Robbie Bargh, Founder, Gorgeous Group

Robbie Bargh is the Ringmaster, Founder and Chief Storyteller of the Gorgeous Group. Robbie has been in the hospitality business for over 30 years, living and working in New York and London. He loves the business, lives for the business and enjoys everything about the Hospitality business.

People talk about “being ahead of the curve”. Well Robbie Bargh appears so far ahead of it that he is round the corner and out of sight! 

Robbie is also a guest lecturer on ‘food and beverage guest experience’ at École hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland, and a contributor to the World Hotel Food and Beverage panel and Restaurant 200. He is an F&B forecaster for LVMH Luxury Brands, The Dorchester Collection, Ritz Carlton, and Hilton, presenting on such areas as global bar and restaurant trends, consumer preferences, and the latest online trends and technologies