Agreements made at ‘livingatuni’ website meeting

CUBO executive member, Alison Smith and representatives from ASRA met with UCAS media to discuss the ‘Livingatuni’ website this week. Members of both organisations were deeply concerned by the inaccurate information the site displayed about their institutions when it launched in July.

At the meeting UCAS Media made it clear that they are not prepared to surrender the project and stated that it will be re-launched in November 2014. The groups concerns were received in a positive manner and a number of agreements were made:

  • UCAS Media agree that any university who does not wish to have the ‘enhanced information’ included from the accommodation listing of their institution can request that all accommodation locations link back into that university’s own web pages.
  • UCAS Media will work with the NUS to redevelop the language to ensure a much more student-focused dialogue is used.
  • It is intended that each institution should now have its own ‘UCAS Accommodation Point of Contact’ who will be able to confirm validation of the information for their institution and update changes when necessary through the year. UCAS Media will update change requests within 24 hours and a disclaimer will be put on the site in the event of any misinformation.
  • The information/advertising space will not be used for student accommodation providers but will be used for general services and related products relevant to students as featured within the website.
  • Enhanced information options will be available at no additional costs to institutions and we have a commitment that this will not change in the future.
  • A Steering Group is to be formed which will meet three times per year to discuss the site. Initially this group will be made up of UCAS Media, ASRA, CUBO and the NUS.

Meeting Attendees were:

Alison Smith, CUBO Executive, (Edinburgh Napier University)

Mike Ball ASRA Chair (University of Lincoln)

Karen Burke ASRA Conference Office (Sheffield Hallam University)

A full copy of the meeting notes can be found on the CUBO members message board