A digital journey with CUBO

Following the appointment of Peter Church to the CUBO Executive with the portfolio for communications, Peter set himself the task of bringing CUBO's brand and communications materials up to date. A new interactive website was part of the package.

The brief was to create a contemporary website that would provide an online networking space for members and bring all of CUBO's online presence into one place. CUBO hired Wildfire Comms to build its new site. The site premiered at the CUBO summer conference, giving delegates a preview and chance to offer their feedback.

The website, officially launched in September, really fulfils its brief. The site consists of top-level information pages, accessible to the public, and interactive pages that can be viewed only by CUBO members. The top-level pages contain the latest CUBO news, conference and CUBO awards information alongside how to join CUBO and about CUBO. The summer conference microsite is fully integrated into the new website and an external events page provides a useful list of other industry events.

The CUBO awards pages contain details of past and future events, the voting facility and previous winners and nominees - look out for details of the 2014 award categories and the timescale for entries, coming soon. If you need inspiration to produce your entry, check out the 2013 nomination videos!

The new interactive pages are the most significant new feature for members, particularly the new message board and member profiles. The members' message board acts like a typical internet forum: simply go to the message board, type in your question and click 'post'.

All members will be alerted to your post by an automated email. To reply to a post simply log on, go to the correct message board, type in your response and click 'post'.

The message board stores all historic conversations, so should you wish to look up responses to a past question, the content will always be available. In time, the message board will build up a valuable knowledge bank of questions and answers.

The member profiles provide all members with space to input useful information about themselves and their roles. Members are encouraged to add information about memberships, events they have attended and useful connections. It's easy to send a confidential message to another member by clicking private messages. In an increasingly connected environment, the member profiles and the message board are designed to facilitate easier networking and a greater sense of community.

The group facility in the members' area is another new benefit of the website. The Finance group and other groups now have their own space to share documents, details of events and converse on group message boards. Each group space is secure and only authorised group members can enter the space. The groups 'open' to members are determined by an individual's login details.

Interactive features are very useful. However the most important part of the new CUBO website is a button on the home page called 'feedback'. User feedback is critical. The website is designed to add value to member (and non-member) interactions with CUBO. Users should find the site easy to navigate and simple to use. The feedback button sends a message directly to the developers who are on hand to help with any problems and listen to suggestions of how to improve the user experience.